National Disability Research Project

National Disability Research Project

The National Disability Research Agenda is led by the University of Sydney, funded by the Commonwealth Government

Project Background:

Through Deakin University, Deaf Victoria was invited to collate data on the future of research related to deaf and hard of hearing people by leading community consultations around Australia, contributing to the development of the National Disability Research Agenda under the National Disability Research Partnership. The National Disability Research Partnership is led by the University of Melbourne, with the National Disability Research Agenda being led by the University of Sydney. 

This was made possible through a partnership with Expression Australia (Victoria and Tasmania) and Deaf Australia through co-facilitation and feedback during the life of this project. Deaf Victoria also received in-kind support from other state based deaf societies including Deaf Services & The Deaf Society (Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, and Northern Territory); Deaf: Can Do (South Australia); AccessPlus (Western Australia) through advice, promotion and provision of venue for face-to-face community sessions. 

Project Partners:

In-kind Support:

Final Report

A final report on the project with findings from community consultations. 

Project Team:

Project Lead – Sherrie Beaver 
Project Sponsor – Maxine Buxton 
Consultant – Dr Amie O’Shea, Deakin University 
Facilitators – Stef Linder, Sam Martin, Bobbie Blackson, Darlene Thornton, Debra Swann, and Vanessa Alford.