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Deaf Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that has been a voice for deaf and hard of hearing Victorians since 1982. Deaf Victoria aims to strengthen community participation and quality of life for deaf and hard of hearing Victorians. Our role in achieving this is to provide activities related to empowerment of community, access to everyday life and advocacy to deaf and hard of hearing individuals and groups to produce systematic and systemic improvements in social justice and human rights.

Deaf Victoria has enjoyed a long and celebrated history, commemorating 38 years of continuous advocacy for Deaf and hard of hearing Victorians with work that has only been possible with the support of our members.

Becoming a member of Deaf Victoria ensures that you are kept informed of our latest work through e-News, and events including exclusive general meetings. Most importantly, you will be supporting Deaf Victoria to represent you as deaf and hard of hearing Victorians.

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