Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deaf Victoria and what does it stand for?

Deaf Victoria was set up in 1982 as the Victorian Council of Deaf People Inc. (VCOD) as a result of the Deaf community wanting an organisation that is run by Deaf people representing the Deaf community.

How do I find more information that isn’t on the Deaf Victoria website?

DeafNav is an online hub where you can find more information about deaf and hard of hearing people.

I would like to donate to Deaf Victoria. How can I do this?

Deaf Victoria appreciates donations. All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Contact us at to organise this, as well as a tax receipt for donations of more than $2.

I would like to volunteer at Deaf Victoria. Who do I contact?

Deaf Victoria appreciates all volunteers. Currently, there are no volunteering opportunities, however we will make an announcement whenever we seek volunteers. Contact us at if you’re interested in volunteering opportunities should they arise.

Where can I learn Auslan?

To start your Auslan journey, your first stop is Expression Australia. They provide non-accredited Auslan courses, which is perfect for beginners. Classes are offered across Melbourne metropolitan and around Victoria and Tasmania.

If you really enjoy Auslan and want to go further, you can go to Melbourne Polytechnic. They provide accredited Auslan courses, from Certificate II of Auslan to Diploma of Auslan. Courses are offered at Prahran (Certificate II to Diploma) and Preston (Certificate II & III) campuses.

If you wish to learn Auslan in another state, check out the list of classes offered here.