Join our Board

The Deaf Victoria Board is looking for people who are interested and qualified to join our Board. Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, CODA and hearing people are all welcome to join. 

We encourage you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by completing your submission below. 

In the position as Member of Deaf Victoria Board, you will be expected to:

  • Participate in 7 board meetings per year and be an active contributor
  • Participate in an annual strategy offsite
  • Adhere to and execute your duties as a Member under the Corporations Act, the Deaf Victoria Constitution and the Board Terms of Reference
  • Participate in the review and guidance of future strategic plans.

In this position you have the opportunity to:

  • Be an integral part of the evolution, development and expansion of Deaf Victoria as a community business and organisation;
  • Guide, support and nurture the General Manager and wider organisation striving to create positive impact and relationships with the Deaf and hard of hearing community in Victoria;
  • Assist the organisation in addressing any strategic challenges;
  • Be an active contributor in assisting people who are Deaf and hard of hearing to connect with and contribute to society in all aspects of their lives.

All members of the Board are appointed and are voluntary and there is no remuneration for your time invested. Reasonable travel expenses will be covered if required and upon request.

Should you have further questions, please email our President at

Meet the board

Our Board currently has all deaf professionals with varying experience from for profit and not for profit sectors. The Board provides governance and strategic leadership to our organisation. The board is responsible for:

  1. Appointing and providing guidance and support to our General Manager;
  2. Providing lead in the development and execution of the Strategic Plan and;
  3. Providing guidance and input to the organisation in achieving the strategic objectives.

    Please let us know if you are:

    Please select any or all of the areas that you have expertise or experience in contributing:

    Do you have a current membership with Deaf Victoria?