About Us

Deaf Victoria advocates on behalf of Deaf and hard of hearing Victorians to increase access to services and to educate the wider community on how to work, play and study with Deaf and hard of hearing people. 

Deaf Victoria also represents Deaf and hard of hearing people in both state government and disability groups.

Vision Statement
A voice for Deaf and hard of hearing Victorians.

Mission Statement
Deaf Victoria is a not for profit organisation led and managed by Deaf and hard of hearing people through provision of advocacy and information services to strengthen community participation and quality of life for Deaf and hard of hearing Victorians.

Deaf Victoria receives funding from the Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services and of Office of Disability to run a non-profit organisation that provides advocacy, information and referrals about deaf and deafness issues.

Deaf Victoria aims to inform members of the Deaf Community and to the wider community on a range of information or issues relating to deafness to raise awareness and to gain an appreciation of deafness.

Sign of the Times XVI

Key Result Areas

Empowerment, Access and Advocacy
To provide activities related to empowerment of community, access to everyday life and advocacy to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and groups to produce systematic and systemic improvements in social justice and human rights.

Government Relationships and Stakeholder Partnerships
To  influence and provide advice to government departments and service organisations of Deaf and hard of hearing people on issues pertaining to the Deaf community and hard of hearing people. To partner with stakeholders to deliver programs, events and workshops to the community.

Deaf Youth Victoria
To provide support groups, workshops and camps for Deaf and hard of hearing youths in Victoria on issues based around Empowerment, Access and Advocacy.

Organisational Sustainability
To maintain sound financial management and human resources of the organisation.